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jon & kate .. the end?

I was looking through some old posts yesterday, trying to figure out when I first blogged about Jon & Kate Gosselin. Looks like it was July 8 2008 and I didn’t love them or the show. A year later, that part is still true. I’ve never understood the devotion to Kate….  I am amazed at the lengths some people will go to to defend her and the choices she’s made.

TLC is promising a lame attemtpt to get viewers life-changing announcement on Monday. There’s a lot of speculation that Jon & Kate will tell the world they’re getting a divorce. They need to do that on TV? And it will take an hour? Kate does have a tendency to repeat information 2 or 3 times each show, and if it is a divorce announcement .. Kate will have to sell the viewers on Kate Plus 8, because I don’t believe she’s giving up the gravy train show anytime soon.

Someone let me know how it turns out. I’ll be watching The Bachelorette.


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  1. * writerdood says:

    Well I can’t say I think much of Jon for screwing around on her, neither can I say that I’d want to be married to her. It’s not a surprise they’re getting divorced, but it could have been a lot cleaner if he hadn’t cheated and just said, “I’m leaving you because you’re mental and I don’t want to be that way.” Of course, as a father of eight kids, it doesn’t matter what he does. If he gets a divorce, he’s going down as being a Dad who left his family when they needed him. The kids will stay with Mom, giving her the leverage to make him look however she wants him to look.

    So, the Bachelorette is starting? Interesting. I only watch these shows because my wife does. I think I’ll play Rock Band with the kids that night or something.

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