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I’m losing my mind, and I blame Kate Gosselin

I swear, I think I’m losing my mind. I’ve never acted as loony as I have this week.  I’m totally blaming Kate Gosselin.

Had I not gone to see Kate, I wouldn’t have posted a recap about her appearance. More importantly, if Kate had been a better speaker and more gracious visitor, it certainly wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting and I wouldn’t have felt compelled to blog about it. And then freak out quite a lot little bit, wishing I hadn’t blogged about it because I didn’t want to hurt anyone from the host church. Because it’s not their fault that Kate’s a flake.

I’m not a Kate fan. Never have been. I’ve been asked why I went to see Kate if I’m not a fan. The answer is simple. I wanted to see and hear for myself if everything I’ve read for the last several months could be true. I was also curious, I wanted to see if I could see something, anything, that explains why people like Kate so damn much.

After seeing her myself, I can honestly say, I just don’t get it. There is not one thing about Kate Gosselin that draws you in,  that makes you feel like you want to know more.  Kate doesn’t look you in the eye and engage you with a warm smile.  She’s not the kind person that you think you’d be friends with if you lived next door.

So thanks Kate Gosselin, for being a crappy speaker and generally rude person  … giving me something to blog about & then feel guilty about that, causing me to act like I’ve lost my mind.  It’s made for a helluva week.


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