it is what it is …

Big TV week!

It’s about time.

Quality trash TV is back!

Last week, The Bachelor returned .. now, I don’t love the single dad Bachelor .. but love the show. And Deanna is back! Wow! In spite of the promos I’m sure she’s not there for anything more than publicity Jason’s heart, it’s probably to give him some “advice” about how to handle things.

The show that’s on after The Bachelor .. about beauty? That one’s so bad it’s good. These people are so full of themselves, it’s hard to believe they’re for real.

American Idol is back this week. ’nuff said. They auditioned in Louisville this time .. can’t wait to see those episodes!

And last but not least? BIG LOVE is BACK!!

::: does happy dance of joy :::

Big Love is my 3rd favorite HBO show of all time, after Sex & the City and The Sopranos. Love me some Bill Hendrickson. Can’t wait until Sunday!! šŸ™‚


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