it is what it is …

oh, the weather outside is frightful ….

we’re supposed to have a nasty weather event today. ice, sleet, whatever other frozen things can fall from the sky probably will ..

I’m ready for a snow day.

I should clarify. I’m not really ready for a snow day … I have too much to do before school gets out on Friday for a snow day. I’m prepared for a snow day.

There is an upside to having a day off of school before Christmas – there are cookies to bake, gingerbread houses to decorate, the threat of Santa watching to see if you’re naughty or nice 😉 There are some fun things to be done at home!

So, I’m prepared. Gingerbread house kits, cookie ingredients, holiday shows on the Tivo … the only thing that would make it better would be if the college boy was home from Georgetown College. He’s got a final tomorrow morning (which he SHOULD be studying for …. ) and if the weather IS as nasty as all that, he won’t be home as early as he’d like. Being snowed in at college isn’t really a bad thing, if memory serves .. it can be fun .. so I’m not so worried about him. He’ll make the best of it, LOL.

Mother Nature? Bring it on.


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