it is what it is …

bah humbug

it stinks when you have a sick kiddo .. but it seems to stink even more when it’s during the holidays. we had several fun things planned, and made it to one of them. just one. we made it through the dance recital dress rehearsal, and 2 bites into our happy meal before gastroenteritis interrupted our fun 😦

no holiday concert, get together at friend’s house, Sunday School, or dance recital … we’re intent on getting well for school Monday. It’s PJ day. Big holiday doin’s in first grade this week.

one good thing about staying home on a gloomy Saturday in December .. snuggling under a blanket watching Christmas shows. A nice lazy day. It will be crazy again soon enough.


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  1. * Anissa says:

    poor little thing, we missed her smiling toothless grin.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago

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