it is what it is …

to-do list

it’s December 1 and the to-do list is LONG … it’s time to get my lay ass off the couch be productive!

some things that need to be done:

  1. Christmas Cards: I need to edit pics from the family photo session this weekend, and hope one is decent for my fab card design. cry if it isn’t 😦 actually, if it isn’t … the college boy will be home in plenty of time to try again. gotta love digital cameras – a procrastinator’s best friend!
  2. decorating: one tree is up and partially decorated. that’s it. there are countless rubbermaid tubs scattered about filled with Santas, snowmen, Magi, and assorted Marys, Josephs, and baby Jesuses. I should have started decorating right after Halloween.
  3. Halloween Candy: get rid of it. It’s December 1. Candy corn season is officially OVER.
  4. Shopping: thought I’d do a little Cyber Monday shopping … but its hard when sites crash. good grief.
  5. Advent calendar: must get it out TODAY. Can’t pretend tomorrow is December 1.

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  1. * Suzanne says:

    Ooops! Forgot to start the kids on their Advent calendars last night. Oh well, two mickey chocolates tonight.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago

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