it is what it is …

how long has it been?


wow. it seems like forever since I’ve blogged … so much going on in my little corner of the world lately.  nothing earth-shattering or life changing, thankfully. just busy, fun, end of the summer stuff.

Here is the link to some pictures from the Kentucky Heartland Festival, which was held over the Labor Day holiday  weekend. It was so much fun 🙂

I spent last week participating in the Kentucky Kids Consignment Sale – earning money for Fall break and getting some very cute clothes for the kiddoes. I scored a Hanna Andersson sweater for $3! Unbelievable!

I’m spending today being lazy … researching what’s involved with selling old/broken gold. It seems as though I’ve missed the boat on the super-high payouts from earlier this summer, but prices still are high. The stuff is just sitting in my jewelry box, broken and sad … it isn’t like I’ll be wearing it again. I should see what it’s worth, right?

Speaking of Fall break, we’re still undecided. Narrowed down to Walt Disney World and the beach. I’m not a fan of a beach vacation, in light of all the tropical weather. From what I understand, the storms churn up the water and jellyfish end up washed ashore. ick.  I know at least THREE people who got emails from Disney, offering them a free dining package during Fall break. Why not MEEEE?! 😦 If we got one of those emails, I’d book it in a heartbeat.  (are you listening Disney?!)

Not much else to report .. it’s Monday, which means it’s a Jon and Kate day! A new episode! Woo hoo! The girls over at GWoP are taking a break, so no new snark .. which is a bummer.

See you on the flip side!


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  1. * Jenni says:

    ENjoy Jon and Kate!

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