it is what it is …

If it’s Monday …

It must be a Jon & Kate day! 🙂

A couple of episodes tonight .. the last of the beach episode(s) and one entitled Memorial Day picnic. What a contrast – there were a couple of times I wasn’t sure I was watching the same family. The newer episode, at the beach, was a little more warm and fuzzy. It’s looking like someone in the JK8 camp is reading the internet buzz and editing the shows accordingly. The kids are getting messy, doing family activities, etc.

I’m still watching the Memorial Day picnic show. It’s new to me… I know it’s a rerun, but I haven’t seen it before tonight. I’m really confused about the title of this one, because it’s clearly not Memorial Day. The kids made Mother’s Day crafts at church? I don’t know, someone at TLC screwed up naming that one.

Both of tonight’s shows really highlighted how bossy Kate really is. And they all jump to it when she’s barking orders. Telling Jon what to do at the beach, telling the kids how they’re having their hair braided (even when one of the older girls clearly was unhappy about it?), and delighting in the fact that the girls are getting older and can help Kate more. Yeah. This is a bad Kate episode. Reminds me why I get so irritated when I watch this show. wow.

And how many times did Kate point out that their picnic food is organic?

And when will they treat the children like kids and take the bibs off when they eat?

So many questions ….


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