it is what it is …

if she’s like this at six … what happens 10 years from now?

God has blessed me with a funny, sweet baby girl. Not so much a baby anymore, since she’s 6 and in first grade. All who know me are well aware that once I got over the shock of having baby #3, I was hoping for a boy. I knew what to do…. what to expect … I was a mom of BOYS. In July, we had our ultrasound and DH & I agreed we’d find out the baby’s sex. We found out that summer day that we’d be parents of a GIRL child. hmmm. Lots to do to get ready for that.

Seven years later, I still feel like I’m getting ready.

For the past couple of days, DD has been all over the house having “conversations’ on her “cell phone”. Sometimes her conversations include people she knows from school, and other times they involve imaginary friends. That’s really unimportant … because the talks are ALWAYS about who is so and so’s boyfriend. And she flips her hair around like she’s 16.

a definite sign of things to come. and I’m not sure I’m ready.


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  1. * anissa says:

    Don’t forget crying over boys~she has been doing that for some time. Occassionally, crying over two at once! I love that girl.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago

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