it is what it is …

green-eyed monster

My friend Jenni and her family are visiting my favorite vacation spot this week … Walt Disney World! I’ve already seen pictures, and I know they’re having a fantabulous time. And I’m sooo totally jealous! I wanna be on vacation at Disney World, too!

I shouldn’t whine, because I’ve already been to Walt Disney World this year. We decided to take one last big vacation before DS is off to college. It was great, we had so much fun! But I want to go back. Specifically, in 8 weeks, for Fall break. Every year since 1998 (except for 2001) we have taken a family vacation to visit The Mouse in October. It’s strange not to be planning. I’m having a hard time adjusting 😦

The good news is that we are taking a vacation! I’m not sure where. I’ve been checking things out, and we have many fun places to choose from:

  • Florida Panhandle/Gulf Shores, Alabama
  • Hilton Head
  • Smoky Mountains
  • Branson, Missouri
  • St. Louis
  • Washington, DC
  • Disney World 😉

Just kidding on the Disney World choice. We won’t be going there. Really. We won’t. Stop it … I know what you’re thinking. I always say that and we always end up there. But we’re not. We’re trying something new.

Probably … maybe … you just never know …


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