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JK8 ~ Gosselins vs. Thomas the Tank Engine

I’m developing a theme here .. this is the 3rd (4th?) time I’ve posted about Jon & Kate Plus 8. I’ve been watching all summer, and every now and then I feel compelled to say a few words about the show 😉

I was looking forward to last night’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. The show centered around a trip to the train museum, and seeing Thomas the Tank Engine. I took 2 of my kiddoes to see Thomas on a blazing hot July day back in 2002. My middle son was a huge Thomas fan and he we really enjoyed the day. Ah, memories …

Overall, I thought the episode was cute. The kids were adorable and seemed very happy to see Thomas. I was really disappointed as I watched Jon & Kate enjoy a laugh at the expense of the gentleman that gave them a tour of one of the other trains at the museum. The man did a wonderful job – but the spiel was over the heads of the Gosselin children. (I’m not sure who cooked up the idea of this part of the tour – the museum people or the TV people) Jon & Kate found that entertaining and were, in my opinion, quite snarky about it. I wonder if that man was watching the episode last night and was looking forward to his 5 minutes in the spotlight … and I wonder what he thought about Jon & Kate’s reaction to his spiel.

My husband and I share moments similar to the one Jon & Kate shared last night – that’s what couples do. Truth be told, it was nice to see them having a good laugh together. But, I thought it was terribly rude to behave that way on national TV and in front of their children (who see the show). Jon & Kate have been given much in their celebrity status. A smile and simple thank you would have been sufficient. Save the snark for when the camera isn’t running.


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