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I’m going home!

woo hoo! we’re going home this week! πŸ˜€

95% of the time, we consider where we are home … it’s where our heart is and all that. But there’s a small part of us that will always have a connection to another home. Our extended families are there, some of our oldest and dearest friends are there … but one of the best parts about going home is the FOOD! Yes, that’s right. I love going home for food. Now I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking that I want to go home for my mom’s home cooking. That’s sort of true. My hub’s grandmother makes some of the BEST fried chicken ever. With LARD. So bad for me, but so good. πŸ™‚

Since the trip is short, I have some decisions to make. There are too many places I’d like to eat and just not enough time. 😦 Luckily, I can buy some of my favorite foods and bring them home to Smallsville to enjoy later. I’ve got it narrowed down to these places:

Unfortunately, in addition to not enough time … it’s supposed to be a million degrees on Saturday. I don’t do well eating all that food in the heat. I’m old, damn it.

In between snacking, I’ll be doing some shopping… I’m going to all the places that I’ve been shopping at for a million years. I can’t wait to hit the Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic warehouse distribution center. Must. Go. Early. The best deals are always scooped up early in the day.

Snacking, shopping, family (in that order πŸ˜‰ ) … pretty good reasons to get the heck out of Smallsville for a few days.


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  1. * Tena says:

    I’d make a mad dash for the Sweet Tooth!
    Have fun!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago
  2. * madge says:

    Scotty & I used to live about 5 minutes from the Sweet Tooth .. it used to be our favorite summertime treat. SO good. My mom used to go there when she was little, too … I think the shop is about a million years old, LOL.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago
  3. * anissa says:

    I get uneasy when you get sentimental!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago

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