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more Jon & Kate

I need a new obsession hobby. I’ve spent way too much time reading blogs, watching reruns, etc. It’s crazy!

I’ve come to a conclusion.

When Jon & Kate are bad, they are really bad … AWFUL. And during those times, I think their nay-sayers are onto something. But every now and then, they aren’t so bad … and are almost likeable.

They are scheduled to be in the area next year. March 2009. I’m betting it doesnt happen, now that they’re paid the big bucks and all … but, if they do come, maybe I’ll check them out.


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  1. * Tena says:

    Monday’s new one, was an episode that should have been sweet since they went to a amusement park, but Kate was to in your face, so I thought it was a bad episode. But I agree when it is cute, it is cute, mainly when Kate let’s the focus be on her beautiful babies, and gives Jon a damn bone! LOL

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago

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