it is what it is …

Louisville Zoo

Here’s a fun way to spend a summer evening …

The Louisville Zoo has summer hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. You can enter the zoo as late as 8:00pm, and stay until 9:00pm. Our family has done this several times over the years, and each time we always say that we should do it more often, which we’re trying – unsuccessfully, I might add- this summer.

Reasons for visiting in the evening? It’s not as hot. There’s not as many people. And it’s something a little different.

We have year-passes to the Louisville zoo, so all this fun is FREEE! 🙂 Depending on the day of the week, there are other freebies for members as well. The last time we went, it was a Thursday … train rides were free. If you’re a zoo member, there are B1G1 free coupons in the Trunkline magazine you can use as well. So for our family of five, this is a real budget saver! Now we do stop at DQ for ice cream on the way home … but, you can skip that if you’d like 😉

Sending a shout out to Bottles Barbies and Boys … a great resource for other summer activities 🙂


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