it is what it is …

soap operas

one of my favorite guilty pleasures is watching soap operas. I don’t know why I’m not a year-round viewer, but during the rest of the year soap operas seem silly. warped logic, I know. LOL.

over the years, it’s been different shows … although one has remained constant: Days of Our Lives. The town of Salem, the Hortons, Bradys … even that crazy John Black. A nice little reality break at 1:00pm every day.


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  1. * daysfan says:

    Don’t feel bad, lol, I’m a Days addict too! I’m loving the new John but can’t wait till his finds his love for Marlena again. Nice blog 🙂

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago
  2. * Toni says:

    I began watching soaps around the age of four (not actively watching at 4 but listening to the tv in the background). I remember when Y & R and One Life to Live debuted. Today I watch B&B and GH when possible or get the updates online. It is indeed a guilty pleasure which I enjoy!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 6 months ago

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