it is what it is …

a fantastic fourth

“We plan and God laughs”

Isn’t that the truth? God must have had a couple of big ole belly laughs this week, thanks to us 🙂

The plan for July 4 was simple. Wake up, go to the zoo, run to Costco, come home and chill out until 6:00pm, when we’d go to a friend’s house for a holiday celebration.

Then we saw the weather forecast. RAIN. and lots of it, during the morning hours of July 4. Prime zoo time.

We had to think quick. Would it be better to go to the zoo on Saturday, after dad’s 5K run? Sunday afternoon? Neither of those options seemed terribly appealing … and then we were struck with a plan … Thursday night! The Louisville Zoo is open late, has free train rides for members, and the weather was agreeable. Mission accomplished. Or so we thought. Thing 1 and Thing 2 (our oldest & middle sons) developed an immediate and sudden distaste for the zoo :::rolls eyes::: and wanted to stay home. Phooey on them, we’ll go without them and probably have more fun 😉

Quick trip to Costco (oh, how I love that store … ) and we’re off to the zoo! It should probably be noted, for the record, that we scooted through the gates of the zoo about 5 minutes before the official closing. (the gates close an hour before the zoo) That’s just how we roll, LOL. We’re in luck! The zoo train pulls in a few minutes after we get to the loading area & I take advantage of the moment to turn on my camera and take a picture. Crap. No memory card … can you believe it? Me? Without a memory card. Unbelievable. Because I’m an addict of picture-taking, I do snap a couple of pics with my iPhone. It wasn’t quite the same, though. After seeing lions, tigers, and ostriches .. and a quick pitstop at DQ, it was time to head home.

Since we already visited the zoo, we needed to come up with a plan B for July 4. No sitting around playing video games – we need something fun to do! (I know, when you’re 13, playing video games is something fun to do) The rain was over for the day … dad decides fishing at Ft. Knox would be a wonderful way to celebrate America’s birthday. After only a few hours minutes of protest, we load the cooler, gear, and kids into the gas guzzling SUV car. It was fun making the trip to Ft. Knox – I haven’t been there since early 2001, when DH starting working at the damn dam. Lots of changes! No more Stripes-like barracks and large checkpoints were two of the biggest differences I noticed. I’m certain there are many, many, more.

It’s important to note that it’s July 4. A FEDERAL HOLIDAY. And we are on a MILITARY INSTALLATION. Offices, including Hunt Control, are CLOSED.

No hunt control? No fishing. We’ve driven all this way, and no fishing.

Making lemonade out of lemons became a priority. We went to dad’s office to have our picnic. We drag in the cooler, wash hands, find paper plates, and everyone is ready for a sandwich.

trailer city at the HRCoE
dad\'s work
dad’s work

Mom? Um, there’s no bread.

WTH? Of course there’s bread. I put it on the counter right next to the cooler. I don’t have to tell you where the bread is, do I? We enjoy our carb-free lunch and decide what to do with what’s left of the afternoon. We don’t have many choices – go home, or find a place to fish that doesn’t require a Ft. Knox fishing permit. We opt for fishing … and remember that Otter Creek park is nearby, and we don’t need any special permits. Woo Hoo!

Since it’s a holiday, of course the park is PACKED. And there’s an antique tractor show going on … with many, many old people senior citizens. Strike THREE. We’re done for the day.

As we’re driving home, we pass by Ft. Knox once again, and I notice the Patton Museum. We’ve lived here for 16 years and never been. If nothing else, I wanted to stop and look at all the tanks outside. A nice history lesson for Independence day. A little patriotism never hurt anyone.

Well let me tell you, it was a HIT. Loved it. All of us. A wonderful way to spend some time honoring those who fight for our freedom.

We went home, cleaned up and went to the picnic & watched fireworks as planned. A perfect ending to an unusual day.


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